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Valley® Irrigation is the worldwide leader in precision irrigation. The Valley brand of center pivot, linear, and corner equipment provides solutions for conserving water and meeting the growing demand for food.

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Right there beside you, with unbeatable service

Valley dealers lead the center pivot and linear irrigation industry with fast, reliable service. Finding your local Valley dealer is easy!

New Valley X-Tec Center Drive System

The perfect combination of speed and power

The new Valley X-Tec center drive delivers top-performing speed and dynamic power. With Valley FastPass™ technology, you can deliver even greater application uniformity.

Leading Technology

Valley ICON® Remote WiFi

Control from the edge of your field has never been so easy. Quickly switch between pivots to send commands and adjust controls, all from the Valley ICON app on your tablet or smartphone. Available with ICON10 and ICON1.

Connect Your Center Pivots

Smart solutions make for smart connections

You have a smartphone and smart devices throughout your home, but what about a smart farm? There are a number of ways for you to connect the devices and machines throughout your irrigation operation.

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